Welcome at the one and only official Hello Kitty Bubbles website, officially licenced by Sanrio Japan.

Hello kitty just turned 40 years old (since 1974!) and that needs to be celebrated with lovely pink bubbles.

Hello Kitty was originally aimed at pre-adolescent females, Hello Kitty’s market has broadened rapidly since the introduction in the 70’s of the last century to include adult consumers and also “adult only” products like these Hello Kitty bubbles. Sanrio’s Hello Kitty is among the 6 most well known and most rewarded brands world-wide with more brand value than Warner Bros., General Motors, Ralph Lauren and even Procter & Gamble!

HermanWines (official Dutch company name: Wijnhandel Herman B.V.) is a well-known company in the field of fine and rare wines, founded in 1929 and based in Axel, The Netherlands. Sanrio Japan has asked HermanWines to produce and globally distribute Hello Kitty Bubbles. We have created an extensive and high quality range of Hello Kitty products and we are looking for global distribution and retail partners. Find more information about our Hello Kitty product-range:

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